Angry Birds Space: This is a Space Game Not Just by Name

Angry Birds Space

The game has a whole new approach because it is set in outer space. Gravity now plays an even more vital role in this and the game makers have manipulated the mechanics of the game to follow the science of gravity in space. The trajectory path of the birds takes a whole new behavior. In most of the levels, mini planets are present and the gravity of each of them affect the path of the birds. The dots that appear just before the birds are launched show their projected path from that angle. Those dots prove very helpful in formulating strategies for the game. There are also red arrows present on the mini planets that point to the recommended direction of the path of the birds to strike more pigs and induce more damage.

The Science of Falling Apples, Inertia, and Outer Space Coolness

Actually there is a lot of science applied in this game and it is even supported by NASA. Yes, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration approves of this star based game, and if that did not make a lick of sense to you: rocket scientists love this game. Geeks will be highly delighted to see the accuracy of the game in terms of the motions of the birds, the pigs, and also of the objects and obstacles. While most game throw conventional physics out of the window, Angry Birds Space practically places it on a pedestal.

The birds can be made to revolve around a ‘planet’ when it has followed its curvature, just like the science of launching man-made satellites into orbit around the Earth. A planet’s area of influence on gravity is indicated by a bubble. Once an object enters that bubble, gravity will take effect and the object will be pulled towards its surface.

On some levels the pigs are out in space, inside a separate bubble. The player must direct the bird towards the direction of the pig. For most of the time, you do not have to directly hit the pigs. There are items present like stones and boxes which can be used to strike and kill the pigs. It helps to know how these objects will move the instant it enters the gravitational field of the planet or when hit in space.

Oh, and one little Protip: all items, and even the birds, just move in a straight line in space due to the absence of any gravitational influence on them; so use those planets to your advantage!

More Challenging Levels than Ever Before

This is the most difficult Angry Birds game to conquer when compared to its forerunners. A.B. Space contains a lot of twists and new elements over the older Angry Bird games that we are used to. The puzzles are crazier, and are more challenging. There is a lot of diversity in this version because the game makers have constructed lots of new patterns for the puzzles. Also, there are more factors to take into consideration before making a shot. The birds can be launched from the slingshot in more than just the usual way and the paths that they take prove to be more sophisticated than their usual. In the later levels, the pigs themselves are moving. They can be seen inside bubbles rotating around a planet. As always we must remember that the pigs, the items, and the birds are strategically positioned for a specific strategy to work on each level.

New Levels, New Costumes

There are lots of new levels available for this game – Pig Bang, Cold Cuts, Fry Me to the Moon, Utopia, Eggsteroids, and Danger Zone. The first two stages are about defeating the villain pig who stole the eggs. The final rounds in both of these stages depict a final battle with a boss pig. Utopia is a recent addition to the levels of Angry Birds Space, and it follows a rather different theme because the items and the obstacles are made of food like pretzels and popcorn. In lieu of mini planets there are donuts, cookies, pies, chocolate chips, and apples covered in chocolate syrup. A big fat pig is the boss at the final round of the level. Meanwhile, the Eggsteroids stage contains the secret levels that are unlocked through selected parts of the game. Danger Zone is another episode which is depicted in the menu selection by a huge pig mine. Also along with the new levels, the birds are sporting new costumes which are superhero-like that include masks and capes.

The Great Bird that Saves The Day

The space eagle, which is the most powerful bird of them all, is again present to help the player surpass the difficult levels. It is the bird that can make the most damage. However, the number of times that this bird can be summoned is limited. At the start of the game there are 23 credits for the space eagle. When the player completes an episode, 3 credits are added. Also if the game is played again after some time, another point is added to the credits together with a ‘welcome back’ message for the player. Another way of boosting the credits for the space eagle is through purchases.

Defeating ‘The Boss Pig’

In the last levels of Pig Bang and Cold Cuts, the birds face the King Pig riding a spaceship. It’s like a defeat-the-boss round because it is the only opponent present. Different items inside bubbles appear on the screen and these are to be used to defeat the pig. Pop them from their bubbles, especially the big boulders, and make them hit the pig.

Secret Levels and Game Achievements

In selected levels, there are portals that can be activated by hitting sparkling golden eggs. These unlocked levels can be seen under the Eggsteroids episode and serve as bonus levels in the game.

Hitting More Objects = Earning More Points

Aside from killing the pigs, there are other ways to earn points in the game. In selected levels, there are sparkling items present in the environment. These can be in the form of violet mushrooms, lollipops, or snow balls that are valued at least 3000 points each. Make the birds or other objects hit them to earn the points.

Fun SFX and Animations

The game has been proved to be very entertaining, yet its developers still manage to make it more fun than ever. The pigs, for example, have more amusing expressions. They snore loudly when the player has not made a move yet. They sport scared faces when the structure that they are sitting on begins to collapse, and they laugh sarcastically whenever the player fails a level. Also in the level selection view of each episode, the pigs that float around the screen can be tapped and they will burst and die. Likewise in the Utopia level selection view, the corn seeds become popcorn when tapped. We love the play of colors in the Utopia episode, which makes us crave for sweets. The vibrant colors of the game remind us of games such as Burrito Bison 2 making it appealing even for young gamers.

The SFX, as always, is superb. While hardly anything new (most of the old ditties from the previous titles are still present), we already love the music, sound effects, and little audio banalities of the game. Plus the new space based effects fit in nicely with the existing sound library.

The Angry Birds game series have always proved that they deserve all the popularity that their installments have gained, and that these are among the best mobile games available in the market. Their latest release, Angry Birds Space, has actually surpassed all the other previous installments because it has extended the boundaries of the game, surprising its players with all the new possibilities of the game. For a game that is easy to play, it has added plenty of great innovations to the system, and has still managed to keep hold of its millions of players – therefore Angry Birds Space is a definite must have title.

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