Balance Those Smiley Blocks in Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2 is a platform stacker game that is a worthy sequel to the original Super Stacker in every way. Fans of this genre will find this game ranges from relatively easy to extremely difficult making it enjoyable to play while being a challenge. There have been many stacking games released in the past but none that compare in my opinion to Super Stacker 2.

The aim of the game is to balance lots of varied shapes, squares, circles, rectangles or triangles, on top of one another so that they don’t fall down into the pit below. There are a number of shapes that are in position already while at the top of the screen is a list of blocks that will appear. You place the shapes one at a time, sounds easy but its not. I love the cute faces on each shape that have a glum look filled with trepidation while you are trying to balance them but change to a happy smiling face once you succeed.

There are forty superb levels to complete in Super Stacker 2 with a Speed Run at the end of every tenth level. The Speed Run enables you to compete with pals to see who is the stacking champion while fans with a competitive streak will enjoy this feature. The Speed Run along with the super Level Editor is what makes this game so special, the result being, it will keep you playing even when you know its midnight and you have to be up for work at 7am.

The game has a superb options menu for you to access via the mouse. You can choose to play with sound or not which is good as I found the sound effects amusing but my friend on the other hand couldn’t stand to listen to them. Lack of sense of humour if you ask me but each to his own as they say. At the end of every few levels you get to hear a variety of sound effects that I think are really funny. I will leave you to judge on that one.

As you progress you will find stacking gets harder with more and more shapes to fit together. If you succeed it is really satisfying but if not you are sent right back to the start which is very frustrating. Even if you repeat the level time and again you will have to complete it before you can move along so patience when it gets to the higher levels is certainly a virtue. One really good feature I like is the option to create your own level so you can share your creative prowess with other players. They can of course do the same. This is beneficial both ways as you can the play each others uniquely created levels, its great fun.

I like the graphics in Super Stacker 2 very much. They are filled with humour in terms of facial expression plus they are so colourful and cartoon like. The game is a great way to wile way a few hours while it is so addictive that you may just not be able to stop yourself stacking.

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