Blow Things Up 2! Lets Get These Evil Creatures!

Blow Things Up 2

Blow Things Up 2 is the much anticipated follow up game to the original Blow Things Up that proved to be a very popular game when it was released in 2010. As with the previous edition you are tasked with blowing up all your on screen enemies in a really amusing way. Fans of the original edition will not be disappointed in Blow Things Up 2, quite the contrary they will become addicted to it just like the first game.

Blow Things Up 2 has forty two great levels of bomb tossing to take out the baddies, while leaving the goodies, in the shape of yellow spheres, in tact is your aim. Placing your bombs accurately is the name of the game and its a lot of fun. There are plenty of enemies to destroy such as the monsters that are new to this release. These are creatures that set on fire so melting things around them plus spheres that bounce or jump around.

Most of the levels are quite difficult, in fact by the end of the game it is a real challenge. Working out where to place your bomb so that it destroys the enemy you want to eliminate takes some doing. It is really a matter of practice makes perfect as sometimes where you think is the correct place to strategically place your bomb turns out not to be.

The bombs are very powerful making for huge explosions. I certainly wouldn’t want one aimed at me! Most of the enemy characters look very cute making you feel really mean as you kill them off one by one. The least number of bombs you use per level to destroy your targets the better, as you earn a trophy for a good performance along with more points

Control wise the game is relatively simple. It is just a matter of using your mouse to choose a spot then left click to place your bomb. When you are satisfied the bomb is where you want it then hit the space bar and BOOM! As a physics game I found Blow Things Up 2 very entertaining. Visually it is colourful with good animations along with characters that have personality. There are some with evil grins, some with smiles plus a whole lot more bringing more diversity to this second edition compared to the first game.

Players who would like to pass a few hours blowing things to smithereens will love Blow Things Up 2. Its quirky, cute, fun and a little different from the usual physics releases that see you endlessly building and balancing. The only downside to it that I can see is the soundtrack or should I say lack of it. That said I found Blow Things Up 2 really addictive and spent far longer than I had anticipated playing. See how many evil creatures you can blow up using as few bombs as possible, its certainly a lot of fun!

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