Bubble Game Fun on the Web

Bubble Game Fun on the Web

Puzzle bobble (known as busta move in Japan) is a classic arcade game by Taito. It features the two dragons from Taito’s bubble bobble.

Instead of bub and bob bouncing around platforms and blowing bubbles at all kinds of strange looking monsters, the two dragons control a bubble canon. The aim is to fire the bubble canon at the group of bubble like gems stuck to the ceiling and to clear all those gems. To do so you must match three of a kind like in many other gem games such as bejeweled and columns.

The two dragons retain the same colours – green and blue and look exactly the same as in bubble bobble but they take a lesser role in the game remaining pretty much stationary throughout. The canon is the only device they control and move.

Like in Bubble Town which was made using puzzle bobble’s ideas you are shown the next coloured gems that will become available allowing you to plan your shots ahead.

As the time ticks down the ceiling collapses more and if you do not clear all the gems stuck to the ceiling in time your dragons will be crushed! The dragons let off a distinct ‘eeeek’ as the ceiling gets closer to their heads.

The flash conversion for the web browser has retained almost all of the features from the original arcade game version. We would have liked to have seen more effort in maintaining and improving this game but the game has never been updated. This is quite surprising considering how popular the flash conversion still is online today. Increasing the number of levels you can play would have been the most ideal update.

The same music and squeaky noises from the cute little dragons remain present as does the colourful arrangement of bubble gems and backgrounds allowing for those that lived through the 80’s and 90’s explosion in arcade games to relive their best memories of playing puzzle bobble on a big arcade machine.

More Bubble Fun

A cross between tetris and puzzle bubble

bubble islands

If you complete puzzle bobble and still have a taste for more bubble popping fun then we would also recommend the Bubble Islands game which is a very colourful and fun cross over between puzzle bobble and tetris. Here you pick a character and compete against another as you fire three gems at a time down onto another stack of gems. It’s like puzzle bobble in reverse.

You also get plenty of special powered gems in the mix of things that you can fire down onto the stack, some explode nearby gems and others clear a particular colour. The gameplay is swift and very likeable which is why the game has been highly rated on sites such as Jay Is Games. Try it for yourself and see how much fun this alternative to puzzle bubble can be – the game certainly has more lastability than the former.

A bubble popper with a heavy dose of action

bubble tanks

Whilst some may appreciate the laid back three of a kind fun the previous two titles have to offer other’s may want something with a little more action. This is where the Bubble Tank series comes into the fold. Now spanning five titles it’s easy to see why Hero Interactive decided to make so many in the series.

Even though the action is all so clear to see in the games there’s still something distinctly relaxing about the Bubble Tank series. Perhaps it’s the soothing background music, the flowing swift movements of the bubble tank and it’s enemies or the ‘popperty pop’ like sound the bubble guns make every time you fire tens of bullets a second at your enemies. Either way each of the three regular games offer plenty of playing time. The aim is to dominate the bubble universe by destroying other bubble like tanks and collecting their remains to upgrade your own tank with. The more tanks you destroy the bigger your own tank will become including its armour and arsenal.

There are three ways to go in the game with regards to your tank, these are to upgrade it’s armour, speed and artillery. There are three paths to go down:

  • The swift and multi rapid firing tank with little armour
  • The hybrid tank – not too light and not too heavy on armour, fire speed and power
  • The big bertha tank with heavy armour and bullets but slow movement and fire speed.

The three tank upgrade paths make each game incredibly repeatable for bubble fans who want to fully explore the feeling of controlling and mastering each tank.

Things don’t get easier just because you improve the overall power of your tank…You will face larger and tougher enemies that match your upgrades and your skills of avoidance and accurate firing will be required all the way to the end in each of the three games.

As well as the three regular games there’s also an arena game and a td game – we recommend your check out all five games at Hero Interactive.

We will be updating this article further to explore more bubble games in the future. For now though we hope you enjoy the recommendations we have given you in this review article.