Cargo Bridge: Will You Get The Workers Across?

Cargo Bridge

I cant say bridge construction and design was ever an ambition of mine. After playing the great physics game Cargo Bridge I am glad that I never ventured down that road as building bridges is definitely not my thing. I designed some good sturdy looking contraptions when playing Cargo Bridge but I am sorry to say I lost a good deal of my workforce in the process. My bridges swayed in the breeze rather like the new London Footbridge did before the designers sorted it out. See how you fair by playing Cargo Bridge the fun bridge building release from Limex Games.

I like the clever way this game puts you on the spot, bringing out your feelings of responsibility toward your employees, as you try to build a bridge that will get your workers from A to B. Health and Safety would have been hot on my heels had they seen my creations but players needn’t worry in that regard, just play along and have some fun, this is the name of the game. Your workers need to get to the other side to collect items while you have to use your allocated budget to build a bridge. When you are happy with your construction then test the bridge. If your workers get back and forth enough to collect all the items then you will finish the level.

You aim is to build bridges that will support the weight of your workers. The game gives you plenty of pointers as to where to drill your nuts and bolts so you are not entirely in the dark. All the materials you need are there while if you take my advice simple is the key to success when it comes to design. Your constructions will sway whatever you do. At least mine did.

You have a certain amount of money for each bridge. The cheaper you build a safe bridge the more money you will save to convert into points. The more points you score the higher you will be on the leader board. On the first level it will only be wood that is available for constructing your bridge but as you go along other materials are released. Whether playing in challenge mode or design mode you will find the game a lot of fun.

Graphically its a sound game with cute characters that look life like. Their screams when they fall, as many of mine did, are realistic to the point of you wanting to turn the sound down to avoid hearing them. It could just be that as I was a rubbish bridge builder screaming became a prominent part of the game for me, I don’t know. Eventually the more I played the better I became at building plus experience taught me that elaborate was not always the best way to go. Cargo Bridge is certainly a learning curve plus it is one that is really entertaining and in some ways even creative.

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