Demolition Dude: Have a Smashing Time with Bob The Demolition Man!

Demolition Dude

Demolition Dude is an awesome physics game that is full of fun while fulfilling the destructive side of nature in a hilarious way. Poor old Bob! He took out a loan to buy his demolition equipment but found that he couldn’t keep up the repayments. Its an all too familiar story in these hard pressed times. Bob sold his equipment to pay off the loan but then how would he make a living? How could he once again do the job he loved and adored? Simple he will demolish everything in sight until the earth is flattened! You didn’t expect that one did you?

Demolition Dude is really funny. You begin the game by aiming Demolition Dude at targets using a sling shot to destroy them. As you play on the settings and targets will get increasingly more difficult to hit, making for a good challenge. You will see yourself, chaining events together, such as blowing up dynamite that then blows up a brick that then hits plus destroys the target.

There is an excellent tutorial at the start of the game that explains everything in detail. There are two bars on either side of the screen. One is the damage indicator that tells you how much damage you need to inflict to destroy the target while the other is a collateral bar that rises as you fail, so you really don’t want to see that bar fill up any time soon. There is also a useful hint feature that you will see at the bottom of the screen.

Demolition Dude is very addictive meaning players just cant put it down. I know I had a problem taking a break. Some of the tasks are really hard although players will be able to use the skip button if stuck to pass onto another task. You only have an allotted number of skips so you need to use them carefully or you will easily run out.

Players can create their own map plus view other players offerings too making for a varied experience that is never ending. Players must also bear in mind that although Bob wants to flatten the world there are some buildings that he must avoid, this makes the game somewhat of a challenge.

Visually the game is very cute. The colours are great while the characters are very quirky. Demolition Dude himself is the star of the show and boy does he know it. He hurtles through the air like a bullet from a gun with great panache. The sound track is good with nice effects to accompany the action.

The game can be played by young and older alike although some youngsters may find it a little difficult. This is where the skip mechanism kicks in. Kids can pass on a level they can’t conquer alleviating any frustration. If you fancy passing a few hours having a smashing time, literally, then you will not go far wrong when playing Demolition Dude.

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