Help the Claustrophobic Cat in Mimou Escape

Help the Claustrophobic Cat in Mimou Escape

Face it, even though they may behave for your sake, cats don’t particularly like being locked up in portable carriers. In Mimou Escape, you control a fluffy feline locked within the confines of a padlocked pet carrier. Now how does a cute, harmless kitty escape? With tools and hidden messages of course.

Don’t let the cuteness fool you. Though the game is fairly straightforward, Mimou Escape can and will tickle your brain cells. That being said, the game difficulty ranges from easy to moderate, depending on how keen your eyes are. The objects used throughout the game function as expected, making the puzzles logical and discouraging random clicking. The game is short and can be accomplished in about 15-20 minutes, making it the perfect game for a short office break.

Considering the game length, the variety of things to do is considerably good. There are hidden objects and visual puzzles to keep you busy. Though you may change the order in which you solve things, the run is pretty linear, with no alternate endings. You just either successfully lead the cat out of the portable kennel or get stumped on what to do next. This is usually due to not being able to spot all the concealed items scattered about the carrier. Once you manage to get all the items however, it is just a matter of time ’till you manage to piece them together.

Speaking of which, remember that there is no time limit. This gives you plenty of leeway to search around to your heart’s content. It also means that Mimou Escape is a perfect starting point for those who wish to sample a game in the room escape genre.

Visually, Mimou Escape is a winner. The stylized graphics and polished backgrounds bring the clever kitty to life. The colors are vibrant, tying up the scenario nicely. There are also animations which may be viewed depending on what objects the cat is interacting with. Its comical reactions are endearing and are definitely effective in motivating players to assist the kitty in its escape.

Despite the fact that Mimou Escape is a short escape game, the audio is pretty well made. The background music is whimsical, seemingly poking fun at the silly predicament your kitty is in. Not every object has a corresponding sound effect. Animations in particular are done without sound, which makes it seem like you are watching a silent film. Thankfully, this does not hurt the delivery in any way. Oddly, it even complements the classy, stylized artwork.

Overall, this title is a charmer. It has enough puzzle variety to keep you on your toes and unless you are unwilling to spend time searching every nook and cranny, the frustration level is very low. With smooth animations throughout the game, Mimou Escape’s visuals are definitely top-notch and are top tier when compared to other escape games in the market. Basically, we highly recommend giving this title a shot. No matter your skill level, your 20 minutes will be well spent springing kitty from its carrier.

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