Pokédex iOS Review

Pokédex iOS Review

With so many Pokémon from five generations currently in the Pokémon world, it can be quite hard to keep track of the entire 649. There are just too many in each generation alone to remember, let alone the entire collection, with their individual levels of evolution, move-sets, strengths, weaknesses, and other variables that make each of them unique. A significant part of the strategy in Pokémon is also knowing as much as possible about your opponent so that you can choose a Pokémon that has the advantage. Pokédex for iOS is a handy collection of all the creature-related information that you are likely to need for your Pokémon adventures, and all wrapped up in an attractive, officially-licensed app for the iOS.

Pokédex iOS is primarily an encyclopaedia that can potentially contain every single Pokémon that exists so far in the Pokémon universe to help you out with such games as Pokemon Console games or even free games such as PTD 1. It is far more than just a reference app, however: the Pokédex iOS contains a fully-illustrated collection of the creatures that is fully-searchable and delicately designed for ease of access. The app contains essential information about each of the Pokémon such as their stats (HP, Attack, Defense etc.) and also information about their abilities, their evolutionary path, their moves, and most importantly for tactical battlers, the type-matchup information that displays each Pokémon’s strengths and weaknesses against other types. In this manner, the Pokédex iOS gives you a significant tactical advantage in that it allows you to possess all of the information about the Pokémon you may have in your collection in order to be most effective against any Pokémon that you may go up against.

The Pokédex allows you to arrange the Pokémon alphabetically, as well as by different criteria such height, weight, evolution path, and their particular stats so that you can have a list of Pokémon that are in ascending or descending order according to the particular criterion that you desire. An advanced search feature also allows you to focus your Pokémon exploration and direct it in any way that you deem appropriate. The app also contains a Move Dex that lets you search through every possible Pokémon move as well as indicating its effectiveness against other types and also the Pokémon that can learn the move.

While the format in which the information is set out is fairly standard for a Pokédex app, the Pokédex iOS stands apart because it offers fully-rendered 3D models of each Pokémon that you can rotate by swiping your fingers across the screen. You can also hear each Pokémon’s unique cry and also witness a small animation for each creature. Though this feature is entirely aesthetic, it is extremely attractive to the true Pokémon collector and the novelty value of seeing each Pokémon in 3D glory is undeniable.

The only downside to the Pokédex iOS is the fact that you must purchase the Pokémon by region, with each region costing a whopping £3.99, and with five regions to purchase in total, it’s going to cost you upwards of £20 to own the whole collection. There are other apps out there of equal usefulness that are literally one twentieth of the price, including the Pokémaster Pokédex for Pokémon. The Pokédex iOS’s 3D models and smooth design are its main selling points, and as an aesthetically-superior compendium of Pokémon knowledge, it fares amazingly well.

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