Help the Claustrophobic Cat in Mimou Escape

Mimou Escape

Face it, even though they may behave for your sake, cats don’t particularly like being locked up in portable carriers. In Mimou Escape, you control a fluffy feline locked within the confines of a padlocked pet carrier. Now how does a cute, harmless kitty escape? With tools and hidden messages of course.

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Angry Birds Space: This is a Space Game Not Just by Name

Angry Birds Space

The game has a whole new approach because it is set in outer space. Gravity now plays an even more vital role in this and the game makers have manipulated the mechanics of the game to follow the science of gravity in space. The trajectory path of the birds takes a whole new behavior. In most of the levels, mini planets are present and the gravity of each of them affect the path of the birds. The dots that appear just before the birds are launched show their projected path from that angle. Those dots prove very helpful in formulating strategies for the game. There are also red arrows present on the mini planets that point to the recommended direction of the path of the birds to strike more pigs and induce more damage.

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Demolition Dude: Have a Smashing Time with Bob The Demolition Man!

Demolition Dude

While music games can come in all sorts of forms, it is unfortunate that the only incarnation that became truly popular is that of the relatively basic rhythm-based game, namely games like Guitar Hero or the flash-based Santa Rockstar Metal Xmas series. If you look a little deeper into the music game world however, you will discover that there is a significant quantity of games with much more inventive and interesting formats, and more importantly, games which offer up a variety of music wider than simply heavy metal or guitar-centric pieces. Many of us are unlikely to have come across a game which gives us control over a full orchestra however, which is why it is recommended that you check out Maestro, a full-on orchestra-conducting skill game.

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Cargo Bridge: Will You Get The Workers Across?

Cargo Bridge

Making music is probably one of the most rewarding and entertaining pastimes you can possibly fill your day with. Whether it is composing your own completely original piece from scratch using nothing but the instruments you have at your disposal or simply laying down your own interpretation of someone else’s song, the finished product Is invariably satisfying and brings with it a sense of accomplishment.

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Blow Things Up 2! Lets Get These Evil Creatures!

Blow Things Up 2

Blow Things Up 2 is the much anticipated follow up game to the original Blow Things Up that proved to be a very popular game when it was released in 2010. As with the previous edition you are tasked with blowing up all your on screen enemies in a really amusing way. Fans of the original edition will not be disappointed in Blow Things Up 2, quite the contrary they will become addicted to it just like the first game.

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Balance Those Smiley Blocks in Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2

Super Stacker 2 is a platform stacker game that is a worthy sequel to the original Super Stacker in every way. Fans of this genre will find this game ranges from relatively easy to extremely difficult making it enjoyable to play while being a challenge. There have been many stacking games released in the past but none that compare in my opinion to Super Stacker 2.

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Bubble Game Fun on the Web

Super Stacker 2

Puzzle bobble (known as busta move in Japan) is a classic arcade game by Taito. It features the two dragons from Taito’s bubble bobble.

Instead of bub and bob bouncing around platforms and blowing bubbles at all kinds of strange looking monsters, the two dragons control a bubble canon. The aim is to fire the bubble canon at the group of bubble like gems stuck to the ceiling and to clear all those gems. To do so you must match three of a kind like in many other gem games such as bejeweled and columns.

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Bird Pax: Clever, Bite-sized Card Fun

Bird Pax

Card games never really go out of style. They are a versatile, ever evolving form of entertainment for children and adults alike. If you are one of those people who enjoy a satisfying card game or two during your coffee break, then Bird Pax may be right up your alley.

Brought to us by the people at KnowIn Games, Bird Pax gives a unique spin to ranking card games of old. In this variation, you are given a deck of bird themed cards, each with a corresponding wingspan value. You will keep a set number of six cards, automatically drawn from your face down virtual deck. Trump your opponent’s throw by throwing cards with greater wingspan and you gain back your cards and their cards which are in play. The person who gains almost all of the cards wins the match.

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An Afternoon of Mental Calisthenics: 3 Slice

3 Slice

For many years, it has been stipulated and proven that interactive media can serve as a powerful tool not only for learning and entertainment, but also for keeping one’s senses sharp. What is actually surprising is the fact that this has not been taken much advantage of –and this is one facet that 3 Slice takes full advantage of: a flash game that is not only fun to play, but one that allows you to think outside the box in order to solve the puzzles.

What makes 3 Slice stand out over many other flash mind-games is the full reliance on the medium itself: you cannot have it on another format. The block game is simple, there are red shapes on the screen that you must send to the bottom. To do so, you must utilize a maximum of three slices and the power of gravity (like how cutting a box with a slanted cut will slide the top part). Of course, unlike sodoku, tangrams and other traditional mental puzzles, 3 Slice can only be played on flash.

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