Scottaholics Unite: A Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Avatar Creator Review

A Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Avatar Creator

Ready to make an avatar of epic proportions? If so, make way for the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Avatar Creator. Normally, we would shy away from avatar creators based on an animated cartoon or comic, after all, the presets are often focused on recreating the series’ characters than the player’s own creations. But there is truly something about the Scott Pilgrim avatar maker –it stands out by letting you have plenty of choices. It has enough identity to provide a player with a real personalized avatar, but it also keep true to the spirit of the show, maintaining each creation as a cohesive addition to the series.

For the uninitiated, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a zany movie chock-full of geek references. The graphic novel series it was based on spans six volumes and is created by Canadian Cartoonist Bryan Lee O’Malley. It is about 22-year-old Sex Bob-omb bass guitarist Scott Pilgrim who falls madly in love with Ramona Flowers. Throughout the course of the comic, Scott Pilgrim battles Ramona’s “seven evil exes”, all the while dealing with his own life drama. Specifically, he has to meet the demands of his band and figuring out where he stands with his 17-year-old “Scottaholic” girlfriend, Knives Chau.

This One is for the Fans

For anyone who appreciates the series’ visual style, the avatar creator is sure to please. From the web layout to the user interface, every nook and cranny of the page screams Scott Pilgrim. And yet, you may find yourself still craving for more. After all, nothing is more epic than your own avatar, right?

The menu displays all the categories you can alter to customize your avatar. Every one of these has its own selection for you to choose from, with varying levels of customization. You have control over the color of some items while a few have height and distance buttons for slight tweaks.

How it Works

Now on to the nitty-gritty; any avatar creator worth its salt is expected to have room for customization. That being said, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is certainly not just your ordinary avatar creator. Though it has a few minor issues, it has enough options to guarantee a good time.

After choosing your gender, a number possible avatars flash to the right of the screen. Name your creation and you are assigned a title for your Name Plate. These are totally random and you may end up with something for the opposite gender such as “The Pizza Guy” or even the “Girl Next Door”. Hilarious ones include “The Hot Babysitter”, “Demon Hipster Chick” and “Evil Ex”. In case you end up hating what you get, you can always press the Re-do button for a better title.

No matter how you go about finishing your Name Plate, you only get one rating: Awesome. See? Not even five minutes into creating your avatar and the prospect is already looking good.

Take note that your overall progress is displayed through the Awesome Meter to the right. If you wish for your avatar to stay in their underwear, the Awesome Meter won’t go up. No worries though, your rating will remain unchanged regardless of your clothing choices (or lack thereof).

True to Form

Press that Accept button and a myriad of options to change your facial features, body type and clothing open up. The first of which are choices for the Skin Tone. There are nine initial colors to choose from but if you want something in the range of the Incredible Hulk, you may pick from the color palette below.

For the Head Shape, there are ten choices for the guys and five for the gals. The reason being that male avatars get a few heads that come with facial hair. Again, if hot pink beards are your thing, there is a color palette present for you to pick from.

No matter what gender you are, there are plenty of eyes to choose from. Small eyes, beady eyes, eyes with spectacles and goggle-wearing eyes are aplenty. There is also a way to adjust their height and bring them closer together if you wish.

The same height and distance options apply to the eyebrows. Girls get twenty-two options to cover a wider range of expressions while guys get a little over half that. Since the eyebrow choices for guys are pretty limited, some way to tweak the brow angles would have been a nice addition.

You only get a few choices for the ears of both genders. There are a couple of plain ones as well as some with earrings. Nothing too spectacular there, but it’s no real loss if your avatar’s hair covers it up.

Thankfully, there are a few more choices for your avatar’s nose and mouth. The height for both may be adjusted as you see fit but there are no available choices for the lip colors.

Hair choices range from the conventional to just downright wacky. For the females, it can have hairclips, a headband or be styled into horns. Males can sport a cap, have spiky hair or given the mane of a merman. Though the choices are not endless, there are more than enough to play around with and appeal to different tastes.

Geekiness is Fashionable, and This Proves It

One of the best parts of the avatar creator is choosing clothes. To fit into the Scott Pilgrim universe, you will be given a selection of tops, bottoms, shoes and accessories to reflect your awesome, inner self. For the ladies, there are also some leggings to choose from, which is perfect for the miniskirts and shorts available.

A variety of clothes are present for you to choose from. There are deconstructed jeans and an electric guitar to appeal to Sex Bob-omb hopefuls. An evil queen getup complete with fur exists for those who want to be the next Gideon Graves. Cat Lovers are also taken into consideration because there is a feline accessory ready to rub your legs in adoration. If you want two or more, you may choose several accessories to equip your avatar with, no problems.

Show Off and Share Your Work with the World

When you have finalized your avatar, you have several choices on how to save it. You may opt to post it on Facebook or Twitter, send it to your closest pal, get a link to your very own movie poster (starring your creation of course) or even get an IM icon and desktop wallpaper. Not only do you get to keep your likeness, you will also be included in the Mega Avatar Gallery where other fans will be able to ooh and ahh at your creative genius.

The only real gripe about this avatar creator is the limitation in terms of poses. Females are stuck with their arms crossed while the males get a more dynamic pose. Of course, it’s not much of a problem considering that this avatar creator is available for free, but it wouldn’t have hurt to give the females a better angle to showcase their clothing choices.

The Verdict

In summary, the selections for the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Avatar Creator are enough to give you an epic custom character creator. The visual style, color choices and even the icons are consistent with the feel of the series. Sound effects are also impeccable, giving that retro video game vibe the movie was praised for. If you’re a fan of the series, you should definitely check this out if you haven’t already done so. If you aren’t much of a fan but are in the lookout for an entertaining avatar creator, give this a whirl. Unless you really dislike the series’ art style, there is no reason to pass this up. Hey, at the very least you can amuse yourself with the coin collecting mini game. We give this game an evil ex’s 92/100.