Treasure Seekers: Vision of Gold Walkthrough

Treasure Seekers: Vision of Gold

For anyone who has played one of the many treasure seekers games you will no doubt agree they are a fine collection of hidden object and mystery games. But sometimes they can be a bit overwhelming to complete and therefore a decent walkthrough is always welcome! This is why I decided to share one with you below, enjoy and I hope it helps you out…


“This is my room. It’s pretty, isn’t it?”

Dresser Drawer

Click on the dresser drawer, your first hot spot.

You will be prompted to collect clothing.

The items are: a hat, a jacket, a vest, a pair of socks.

Pick up each item of clothing and place it in the hoop.

Cardboard Box

Click on the cardboard box.

You will be prompted to look for toys.

The items to pick up are: a ball, a train, a sword, a teddy bear.

Click on the blue glowing eye symbol to look underneath the bed for the train.


Click on the area of the door where the knob is missing.

You will be prompted to find the items to repair the knob.

Find these items: knob, metal plate, screws, and screwdriver.

Place these items in the hoop.

Open the door.

Grab the lantern on your top right hand area of the shelf.

Go downstairs.


Click on the wire along the back wall.

Collect the three items: tape, scissors, and pliers.

Fuse Box

Click on the hot spot, a fuse box on your left.

You will be asked to find four items key to fixing the fuse box.

Place them in the hoop.

Flip the switches in this order: 1,3,6,4.

The lights will now be on.

Under the floorboard

Click on the hotspot of an item sticking out under the broken floorboard.

You will be asked to find: pincers, a wedge of wood, a hammer, and a wooden paddle.

Find these items; place them in the hoop.

Retrieve the item.


Click the same area you were just using. (Floorboard)

Find a broom, a fireplace tong, a hand drill, and a dust bin.

Place these items in the wooden hoop.

Beam of Light

Click the beam of light coming from above the shelves.

Collect the items: toolbox, ladder, rag, bucket, lasso (rope).

Place them in the hoop.

Furnace, Clock, and Desk

The next few hot spots are together.

Click the furnace and see that you seek the handle.

Click the desk and collect: paint key, awl, handle, and rod.

Place them in the hoop.

Click on the wall clock.

Retrieve the items shown in the grey circles.

Place these items in the hoop to repair the clock.

When the clock runs, click on it. The blue eye will appear.

Click on the eye to reveal the key.

Use the key on the desk drawer.

Find the furnace wheel in the drawer.

Use it on the furnace.

Crawl into the opening behind the door.

The Map

This is just a type of puzzle.

Find pieces strewn about the floor and chest.

There is no timer, so just take your time and reassemble the map.


You return to the bedroom.

Find the ten keys that are strewn about the room.

Use your cursor as a hot/cold meter. It will turn into a finger when you are over a key.

Click the keys to retrieve them.

Chest Puzzle

Return to the chest.

Using your keys, unlock the chest.

The solution follows:

Hole 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Key 6 4 1 7 10 5 8 2 3 9

Once open, you will find a book.

Open the book to take you to the old house.

Blue Crate

Locate the blue crate in the very centre of your screen. It is a hotspot.

Click on it to reveal your list: musical horn, axe, rocking horse, washboard, and teddy bear.

Drag items into the hoop to collect them.

Wooden Wagon

Click on the wooden wagon leaning against the swing set.

Find oil cans, a long handle, a gear, a metal disc, and pliers (in the tool box).

Place them in the hoop to collect them.


Find the wooden barrel and click on it.

Locate the items depicted: shovel, urn, lantern, pickaxe, and boots.

Drag items into the hoop.


Click on the marble statue lying on her side.

Find the items: rope (in the barrel), pot, bowling pin, iron, spreading tool.

Place items in the hoop to collect them.

Balcony Door

Click on the French Doors on the balcony, your next hotspot.

The items depicted around the hoop are: milk urn, horse shoe, rooster, saw, and birdhouse.

Collect these items and place them in the hoop.

You have now found Tommy.

Finish the window task to move on with him.

The Window

Locate and click on the upper level window that has its shutters drawn.

Find these items: tri-corn hat, duck image, man figurine, skull, and ladder.

Drag the items onto the hoop to collect them.

Tommy’s Puzzle

Arrange the stick-man dancers according to colour, arm placement, and foot shape.

The men already on the board will guide you to the sequence.

Line up each body position vertically and colours horizontally.

When you have all the men correct, you will head up to the attic.


Click on the next hotspot, a phonograph player.

Find the items for the phonograph: record, pan flute, framed picture, abacus, safety pin.

Place the items through the wooden hoop.

Broken Mop

Find the broken mop and click on it.

Reveal the list of items to be found: ship’s wheel, animal skull, sundial, guitar, tea kettle.

Drag the items to the hoop.

Wall Clock

Locate the wall clock. This is your next hotspot.

Click on the clock to discover the needed items: wooden mask, lawn mower, book, ankle chains; click on the blue eye to open the box for the final item.

Place all items through the wooden hoop to collect them.

Golden Idol

Find the golden idol and click on him

Find these items: menorah, book, toy car, playing cards.

Exit door

Click on the exit door in the back to your right.

Find the items depicted in the grey circles: apple, handbag, grater, metal pot, slingshot (hidden behind the door with a Fleur De Lis on it).

Place these items in the wooden hoop.

Dark Puzzle

Click on the machine/apparatus straight ahead.

There will be nine images in nine grey circles on the apparatus.

Find each item. Place them in the hoop.

Now click on the two small doors on either side of the centre of the apparatus.

Find the seven geometric pieces needed and place them in the hoops.


Return to the attic.

You will be required to locate 20 bolts in the screen shot.

Click on each bolt as you find it.

Geometric Puzzle (Tangram)

You will find yourself back in the previous room and faced with the apparatus again.

You must use the geometric shapes to mimic the image.

Recreate the pictures to be rewarded with Grandma’s monocle.

Map Puzzle

First you will find the eight images requested.

You will then be presented with equations to discern what number represents which image.

Solve the equations to move on to the river.


Click on the barge to enter the hotspot area.

Find all eight items: pliers, pincers, toolbox, hand drill, axe, saw, hammer, and chisel.

Place each item in the hoop as you locate it.

Logs and Spade

Click on the long grey line running diagonally off the centre of the screen.

You will be requested to find a spade.

Locate the spade and place it in the hoop.

Click on the barge again to find that you also must find four boards.

Click on the boards as you find them to collect in the hoop.


Yet again, click on the barge for another hotspot.

You will need to find: tent frame, fish, a ladder, two oars, a metal pot, a rope, a tarp.

Place items in the hoop as they are found.

Boat House

Click to enter the boat house.

Locate the next hot spot on the bottom centre of your page. It is a black book.

Find these items: drum, toms, clamp, pulley, railroad sign, and ornate metal rod.


Click on a coiled rope hanging from the rafter. It is your hotspot.

Locate the five items depicted on the grey circles.

Place these items in the hoop to collect.


Locate a greenish machine with two wheels on either side. Click this.

Find the items requested: goggles, a hand, steam whistle, rope, a lamp, a hand tool.

Place each item through the hoop as you locate them.


Click on the chisel on the rafter to open your next hot spot.

You will need to find a gyroscope, a bladder canteen, a fishing pole, a wash board, a wood tool, and a ship’s wheel.

When you find these items, place them through the wooden hoop to save them.


Your next hot spot is a part of a pulley system. Click on it.

Find these items on your list: a shovel, dagger, pendant, hand drill, oar, and barrel.

Place them in the hoop.

Idol Puzzle

Standard slide puzzle.

Slide the tiles to arrange.

Your goal is to match the bottom halves of the shapes to the top halves at the top of the game board.


Find yourself on the raft with Tommy.

Enter the tent and click on the pillow.

Play the resulting game to reveal a slip of paper.

Back out on deck; click the paper (your hot spot).

Find the items in grey circles.


Click on the right hand mast.

The items you must find are two spools, two clothes pins (one is in the tent!), a Jolly Roger, and a cloth.

Pick up each item and place it in the hoop.

Cross Beam

Locate the cross beam on the left mast.

Click on it to reveal your next set of items: two pegs (one in the tent), a canvas, a pulley, a rope.

Collect each item by placing it in the hoop.

The Rope

Your next hot spot is the rope strung across the two masts.

Click on the rope to view the five flags you must locate.

Find the light and dark blue, green, yellow, and red (in the tent) flags and place them in the hoop.

Fishing Pole

Click on the book.

You will find directions for assembling the fishing pole. The directions on screen are very straight-forward.

When you finish the pole, fish for your dinner.


To fish:

Choose the appropriate bait for the fish and place it on the hook.

Choose the appropriate depth you need to cast your line.

Click on the rod to cast.

When the surface ripples, click on the rod to retrieve the fish.

Click on the fish to unhook it.

Take the bait off the hook.

Repeat with the remaining five fish.

Click on the book for instructions pertaining to which fish and which baits go together

The order will be:

Fish 1- Feather bait (red and green), shallow depth

Fish 2- Corn bait, medium depth

Fish 3- Feather bait (red and black), deep depth.

Fish 4- Pea bait, shallow depth.

Fish 5- Shrimp bait, medium depth.

Fish 6- Breaded bait, deep depth.

Cook the fish by following the instructions in the book.

You will now continue onto the island.

Welding Mask

Click on the welding mask in the mine. (Top right-hand corner)

Find these hot spot items: pickaxe, gloves, bowler hat, gasoline can, and bucket.

Place each item in the hoop as it is located.


The next hot spot is the lantern.

Locate these items: matches, a boot, rope, a skull, gas can, and propane tank.

Drag each item through the wooden hoop to collect.

Mine Cart

Locate the mine cart in the centre of your screen.

Click the cart to reveal the list of items: wire basket, centipede, small oil can, metal canister, hard hat.

Click and carry each item to the hoop to save.

Gears and “Caution: Workers” sign

Click on the gears on your left.

Locate the items depicted in grey circles: pickaxe, megaphone, boiling pot, suitcase, TNT. (Hint: You will not be able to find the pickaxe until after you finish the next hot spot.)

Place each item through the wooden hoop as you find them.

Locate the diamond-shaped caution sign above the shaft.

Click on the sign to reveal the hotspot.

Find: large oil cans old fashioned camera, bottle, clock, wrench, and doctors’ bag.

Click and drag each item through the hoop to collect.

Map Puzzle

This is a jigsaw puzzle just like the first map puzzle.

Find puzzle pieces in the surrounding area and arrange them to form a picture (map).

When you fill in the last spaces of the puzzle, you will move on.

Locked Tunnel Puzzle

Find keys and place them in the locks to open the tunnel.

This game is randomized, so there is no single walkthrough.

Keys must be in the proper order to open this gate.

When you place the last key into its proper hole, click on the opening to unlock the tunnel.

You will find yourself in a workshop.

Wooden Table

Locate your next hotspot: a wooden table.

Find the items requested: microscope, protractor, drafting compass, hour glass, folding ruler.

Drag these items to the hoop when they are found.


Click on the furnace to open the list of items.

Locate: bellows, barrel, water bladder, and shovel.

Click and place each of these items into the wooden hoop area.

Large Generator Gears

Locate the generator gears and click them.

Find the items and place them in the hoop.

Click on the large wheel in the centre of the screen.

Find a spring, a globe, a crank arm, a chain, and a pair of gears.

Place all items in the hoop.

Laboratory Door

Upstairs, you will see a door with two beakers on it.

Click this door to open the hot spot.

You will be asked to find four pieces of laboratory equipment.

Place the pieces in the hoop when they are located.

Laboratory equipment

Click on the same door to enter the laboratory.

Solve the jigsaw puzzle of experiment instructions on the cork board.

Locate the pieces of the puzzle scattered on the desk.

Using the newly fixed instructions, assemble the equipment depicted with items on the desk.

Once the equipment is built, click on the book to pick up the map.

Place the map into the tank.

Ten Bottles

Return to the larger room.

Locate ten bottles strewn about the room.

Click on the blue eye to look into the crates in the upper right. Do this twice, as there will be two bottles hidden there.

Bottles’ Puzzle

Take your bottles back into the small lab room.

Solve the puzzle by clicking each bottle in turn onto the large bottle in the equipment you built.

You will learn a symbol related to each bottle.

The order does not matter, as long as you do each bottle.


You will now find your way under water.

Click on the crate in the window to your left.

Find these items: harpoon, pickaxe, shovel, and brooch.

Place each item in your hoop when it is discovered.

Wooden Mask

Locate a wooden “island” mask.

This hotspot will require you to find five items.

Once you find these items, place then through the wooden hoop.


Locate the next hotspot, which is the marble pillar.

Click on the pillar to reveal your list of items to find: Tiki mask, music box, sword, horse.

Place these items in the hoop.

Treasure Chest

Click on the treasure chest to reveal your nest items.

Locate: a statuette, two vases, and a bird cage.

Drag items into the hoop when located.

Clay Vase

Click on the clay vase to open your next hot spot

Find these items: helmet, pincers, pickaxe, and ring.

Place each item in the hoop when located.


Locate the area which the lion was formerly. Click on it.

The following items must be located: coins, fishing hook, lantern, and gold figurine.

Locate the items, drag them, and place them in the wooden hoop.

Lion Puzzle

You must turn each circle on the puzzle to release the coins and move on.

Follow this order:

Turn the top right circle three times counter clockwise.

Rotate the circle directly below it three times clockwise.

Turn the top right circle again, this time three clockwise rotations.

Rotate the top left circle three times clockwise.

Rotate the circle directly below it three times clockwise.

Click the coins and find yourself in another underwater room.


Find the barrel and click on it.

Locate the: bust, bell, metal balls, and ring.

Place each item in the wooden hoop what it is located.

Man Statue

Click on the statue of a male.

The items in grey are: lamp, spreader, armor, crown, and deer.

Once you find each object, deposit it in the wooden hoop.

Shell Emblem

Locate the emblem above the archway of the statue in the background on the right-hand side.

Locate the items, once you click on this hotspot, which is depicted in the grey circles.

Place each item in the hoop to collect.


Find and click on the statue opposite the one you were just looking at.

Find these items: dagger, ring, treasure chest, cat statue, and urn on a stand.

Place the items into the hoop as they are located.

Painted Rock

There is a rock next to the female statue. The rock has paintings on it. Click this as your next hotspot.

Locate the items what are requested and place them in the wooden hoop for collection.

Giant Oyster

Click on the large oyster on the screen.

These items, a ring, moon, c-clamp, and anchor must be found.

Each item must be placed in the hoop.


The statue of a sea monster is wearing a crown.

Click the crown to reveal your hidden object, a blue crystal, to locate.

Place the crystal through the hoop.

Turtle Puzzle

Solve this puzzle by placing the images in the correct spaces surrounding the turtle.

Locate the images in the surrounding picture.

Place them correctly, using the hints around the turtle for guidance.

When complete, you will move on to another underwater room.


Locate and pick up ten runes hidden around the room.

Hint: There are 5 runes on either side of the seaweed dividing the room in half.

Elements Puzzle

Solve the puzzle using your runes.

The turtle’s circle is in four quadrants.

Each quadrant represents Earth, Wind, Water, or Fire.

Arrange the runes accordingly.

You solution should flow clockwise from top right: Wind, Water, Fire, and Earth.

Click on the centre piece when you have finished.

You will be transported to Treasure Island.

Steer Skull

Find the steer’s skull in the pirate’s hat. This is your next hotspot.

Locate the items listed: sword, dagger, shell, gavel, and headdress.

Place these items in the wooden hoop when located.

Woven Basket

Click on the woven basket in the foreground.

The items you must find are: a pistol (tip: it is in a box!), a harpoon, an oyster shell, a tricorn hat, an hour glass.

Drag each item to the hoop when you find it.

Wooden Gun Powder Barrel

Find the gun powder barrel by the ship and click on it.

Locate the items to be found: two buckets, a machete, a skull, an iron.

Place items in the wooden hoop when found.

Cannon Base

Locate the base of cannon. Click on this hot spot.

Find items pertaining to a cannon: cannonball, fuse, gun powder barrel, matches, swab, and cannon body.

Place these items in the wooden hoop as they are discovered.

Waterfall Cave

Click on the waterfall cave to learn you will need a boat.

Click, then, on the boat for your next list of items.

Locate these items: two paddles, a starfish, a rubber stopper, a bell, a kettle, a shovel.

Once these items are located and placed through the hoop, take your boat through the waterfall hoop.

The Ghost

In the cave, you will meet the ghost of the Grandmother.

You must find thirty symbols around the cave. You must use your monocle to see these.

Once you have found and clicked all thirty, an opening at the right of your screen will appear.

Click this opening to move on.

Crystal Puzzle

You will find eight gemstones arranged in a circle.

Starting with #1 on the top and going clockwise, number the gemstones, mentally, 1-8.

Following this order, click on the gemstones:


The second half of this puzzle will require you to perform a simple puzzle by placing Tetris-style pieces together to form a picture.

Once you have completed this task, you will click the compass to exit the puzzle.

Hot Rod

In the fire river, you will see a rod sticking out.

Click on it to find that you will need gloves to retrieve this rod.

Find the gloves and place them through the hoop to put them on and pick up the rod.

The rod can be used to knock a pillar across the river as a make-shift bridge.

Altar Statue

Click on the statue with arms out across the river.

It will require you to locate the green crystal which fits in the hands of the statue.

Find the crystal and place it through the hoop.


Locate the beam straight ahead (With two smaller sticks bracing it).

Click on it to reveal that you are looking for a grappling hook and a rope (in a barrel).

Find both items and place them through the hoop.

Ten Planks of Wood, Nine Nails, and a Hammer

Click again on that beam to find your next set of items.

Locate six planks of wood around the room.

Place them in the hoop when they are discovered.

Now click on the broken wood on the right side of your screen across the river.

You will be prompted to find nine nails and a hammer.

Now you may find three more planks, the hammer, and the nails.

Keep an eye for items that are behind or inside things.

Once the last nail is found, you will be able to locate the final plank and cross the river.

Lion Puzzle

Turn the lion to face East (A compass is in the bottom right-hand corner).

Use your monocle to zoom in on the stone.

Line up the pattern, moving outside to inside.

Click the three buttons in this order:

Left 2 times

Middle Once
Right- 6 times

Left 2 times

Switch the light on.

Place all three coins in the bottom left-hand corner, where there is dust.

Now, place the coins in the slots.

You now must arrange the coins in matching order to the symbols on the left side of your screen.

Lastly, place the gold disc in the centre of the stone and click on it.

You are now able to enter the treasure room!

Four Keys

In the treasure room, you must find four keys.

Click on each key you locate to collect it.

Greek Statue

Find and click on Greek-style statue in the upper right-hand section of the screen.

Find these items: pipe, face guard, compass box, Oriental chimes, and dragon.

Place the items into the hoop as they are located.

Ivory Box

Click on the ivory box.

Locate the following items for your inventory: two fragrance bottles, oil canister, wooden shield, oyster with pearl.

Place items as they are found in the wooden hoop.

Lion Mask

There is a lion mask in the upper left-hand vicinity of the screen. Click on it.

You must locate all five items depicted in grey circles.

Once you find an item, place it in the hoop. Do so with all five.

Fire Bowl

Locate the bowl of fire and click on it.

Find the following items: two masks, jewellery box, ring, telescope, and sword.

Find the items, place them in the hoop, and continue.

Purple Orb

The fish in the top right-hand area of the screen is arching over a purple orb. Click the orb for your hotspot.

Locate: a sceptre, ring, skull, candleholder, scroll, and box.

Click and drag each item into the wooden hoop.


On the back wall is a drawing that is missing its centre. Click on the centre.

Locate all four pieces of the circle to complete the Hieroglyph.

You have finished the game!

A casual game by every definition of the word, Treasure Seekers, Visions of Gold brings out the best aspects of the hidden object game in one tight package. Unlimited hints, unlimited time, and a supremely enjoyable background soundtrack ensure that no player will be able to resist the absolute fun and low-key vibe offered by this game. Competitive spirits can take a break and just enjoy the beautiful graphics while clicking their little hearts away, but it is the real casual game players that hit the jackpot with Visions of Gold. No pressure, no hassle, just a fun game, with plenty of cerebral work-outs, set to a relaxed vibe and a cute story makes this game a fan favourite that any player can appreciate. Take a load off and enjoy your last few hours of freedom before Mom and Dad return from the City.